Refinement, quality, excellence. For over 20 years Cotto d’Este has been manufacturing cladding and flooring coverings of the highest quality in porcelain stoneware. Intense products characterized by manufacturing excellence, untiring aesthetic research and profound attention to details.


Allure explores the mineral heart of one of the purest and noblest materials: marble. The collection’s six ceramic surfaces are grouped together in two special selections: Héritage, which includes Calacatta, Paonazzetto and Tundra J., and Scénique, with the Alaska, Riviera and Orobico varieties. Héritage celebrates the luminous perfection of classical aesthetics devoted to elegance and harmony. Scénique enhances the most modern and magnificent style, represented by exotic marbles with astonishing colours and striking vein patterns.


Blend Stone is a collection of stone-effect porcelain stoneware that offers more than meets the eye. By incorporating fragments that sink below the surface and combining mineral textures of rare beauty throughout the thickness of the ceramic slab, Blend Stone transcends the idea of verisimilitude by creating a new material. Composed of three graphic textures obtained from as many natural stones, Blend Stone adds rust-colored inclusions to the typical grain of Limestone and the halos of Pietra Piasentina overlaps dark segments and light and delicate veins.


The New Stone

The evolution of stone, an original aesthetic, limestone look. Result of a deep research and of an incessant experimentation.

The materiality of the stone and the aesthetics of the rarest marbles revisited by Cotto d’Este creativity and a variety of surfaces to look, touch and feel.

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