Luxury Porcelain Slabs

FMG is the internationally leading brand in the luxury porcelain tile, offering its clients a uniquely diverse portfolio of beautiful products. Outstanding design, intelligent engineering and innovative solution have been the cornerstones of this success, coupled with a passion to deliver service levels of the highest standard.

We build in the factory state-of-the-art products, using construction processes covered by international patents. Stones i.e. blends of clays, sands and minerals that nature compacts through tectonic motion and fires through the heat of the superficial layers of the crust. Natural because we employ the same forces used by nature itself (pressure and fire), following construction processes which reproduce its features and characteristics.
Eco-compatible because sands, clays and other minerals are quarried without damaging the environment, using sensitive, strictly enforced procedures and know-how. With very high performance because clays, sands and materials used are extremely pure; the compacting pressure is very high (480 kg/cm2); the firing heat is much higher than the one of a volcano (1300°C and more, compared to 1100°C).


A selection of the most representative and charismatic marbles. 10 archetypes of italian and global beauty, in their most perfect, iconic form. 7 extraordinary onyxes and 3 magnificent gemstone that astound with their dazzling wealth of colour, transparencies and reflections.


A Design solution for those looking fot unparalleled quality and times elegance.

For Cersaie 2018, FMG Fabbrica Marmi e Graniti has once again added to its range in the best-selling MaxFine collection, with six new textures dedicated to ONYX, adding new design possibilities to the already wide range available.



A material so innovative that it breaks down the barriers between surfaces for architecture and furnishing.
Strength plus lightness, very large sizes and a low thickness to make floors, walls, furnishings and finishings. Not just surfaces.

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